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Brandon Brown Owner/Call Maker


Competition Caller

Drake Field Expert

Andrew Chouccoli Pro Staff



Drake McCleary Pro-Staff


Chase Moore Co-Owner


Tate Kronfeldt 

Intermediate Competition Team


Titles: 2017 MVCC Junior Division Champion


How to Become a FTF Pro-Staff Member (2020):

About Pro-Staff:

Pro-Staff does not mean "professional" hunter or staff member, it means promotional staff.  The position is a requirement to promote a specific product.  In this case our duck calls.  We are a small business, making our way slowly.  As we offer new products, they will come to the pro-staff first.  Benefits of this position are listed below, though they may seem small, as the business grows, so will opportunities.  We are only looking to add a couple of pro-staff members at this time (who are highly motivated), but will retain your application, as we grow, so will the number of pro-staff.  Our pro-staff year runs from January 1 to January 1 of the next year (unless we feel it is necessary to make a change).



As we offer new products, you will get them at a discounted price.  Currently we offer duck calls the "Super Timber", "True Timber", and "Pandemic".  We offer one Canada goose style, the "CH-1".  Once you have obtained your yearly minimum of 10 calls sold, you will receive your yearly polo or fleece (whichever we use for that staffing year).  We are also working on gaining partnerships with larger companies, this will directly benefit our pro-staff.  10+ calls you will recieve 1 free standard (in stock) duck call of your choice  (choices include acrylic, cocobolo, African Black Wood, bocote or burnt hedge).  Other incentives are in the works, but this is the beginning.  Minimums will be in place as well (10+ calls sold per year), as they are with any pro-staff position.  We require 3 short videos per year (in the field or blowing our calls), 25 pictures from the field (decoy set up, success pictures, our calls), a review on our Facebook page, and 10 or more social media post about our products or sharing our posts.  If you do not meet the minimum in 1 year, you will not retain your position on the pro-staff (you will be up for review).  All staff are expected to be ethical hunters and promote our products in a positive manner.



Simply send us an email application.  This should be done in a formal manner, such as applying for any job.  Tell us how you can help FTF grow, your experiences, and a little about yourself.  Any relevant information can be shared, but please include:  other companies you staff for, at least one reference we may contact (name, email and phone number), your location, and previous experiences with our products.  A video of you blowing one of our calls is a must.  Also let us know if you are willing to film some of your hunts, blow our calls in competition, or attend vendor shows.  Make sure to include your photo for the website, if you are chosen, and your contact information.  It is possible that we may contact you by phone for a more in depth interview.  This email application should be sent to



Must currently own and blow one of our calls.  18 years of age or older is a plus (but not mandatory).  Include a photo with your application, so we can use it on the website, if you are chosen (preferably in the field/action).  Willingness to promote our products and use them in the field.  Willingness to attend outdoor and duck call shows, potentially to sell our products at our own stand.  We expect all our pro-staff members to be ethical hunters and follow all laws while in the field.  Failure to complete each part of this application will get it immediately thrown out, so please make sure to complete all steps.  APPLYING FOR THIS POSITION NOR PURCHASING A CALL  GUARANTEES YOU WILL RECEIVE A PRO STAFF POSITION!


We look forward to your application!



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