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Dedicated to waterfowl hunting.


Based in Wapello, IA, Full Tilt Fowlers is a small company starting to make its name known in the waterfowl world and on the stage. 


Full Tilt Fowlers is a company dedicated to style and quality.  Each custom duck call is hand turned, cut (on our "Super Timber", "True Timber", "Pandemic", "CH-1" or The "Curtain Call" jig), and tuned.  Our unique sound gets the attention of both new and seasoned birds.  For a do it all call, that can get loud or quiet, hunters prefer our double reed "Super Timber" tone board.  For the timber, it is all about the single reed "True Timber" tone board.  Hunting both the Mississippi River and Lake Odessa here near Wapello, IA; we have to build a versatile call that can perform in many different situations.  Added in 2020 we have the "CH-1" Canada goose call and the "Pandemic" mid range duck call.  The "Curtain Call" (a modified version of our "Super Timber", only select tone boards can become competition calls) is what we consider our stage call, it has been in the Last Chance Regional in Stuttgart, AR, the Bernie Boyle Regional in Burlington, IA, the Junior and Intermediate competitions at the Mississippi Valley Calling Classic in Burlington, IA, and the Junior Worlds in Stuttgart, AR.  Winning the Junior Title of the MVCC in 2017, coming in 2nd and 3rd in the MVCC Intermediate division in 2018, and finishing mid pack of the Bernie Boyle 2018 (one of the toughest regionals in the US), and mid pack of the Last Chance Regional in Stuttgart, AR.  2019 a "Curtain Call" finished 4th in the Iowa State Regional.


We build calls from a large quantity of materials, with the most common being machine grade acrylic, hedge, cocobolo, bocote, African Black Wood, Juma and various burls.


We hunt with our calls because they are successful and we would love the opportunity to build one for you.


If you don't see what you like, contact us at, we build many custom calls.  Click on the photos tab and you can see a few of our custom made calls.  

Goose Stew with Owner Brandon Brown and His Daughter

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